I love tracking my habits. Tracking helps me notice wins over time and identify when something isn’t working and when I should pivot. Even just the behavior of tracking something causes a change in my behavior and has a positive impact on the habit.

However, most of the goals I want to track can’t be simplified into a single number. For example, if I want to track my improvements in playing an instrument, what do I track and try to improve? There are many dimensions to playing an instrument. As I improve, I will probably improve in many of these dimensions, but it’s not good enough to track any single one.

For that reason, I made this website. For complex habits, I will capture the entire richness of the habit in some evaluation. I won’t try to reduce it to one dimension. I will just record the richess of the habit as a snapshot of my ability, maybe once a month. At the end of the year, I can scan through and get a sense for how I improved on the thing.

Why put this online? So that I can be held accountable. I, and anyone else who stumbles upon this, can see how regularly I stick to tracking my progress. Thanks for holding me accountable!